My dear friends and colleagues,

since I started to dedicate my time to observe nature, it’s like I am discovering an amazing new world to which I have been completely blind before.

When you work in the office your attention is not used to be directed on what is happening out of the 4 grey walls you are surrounded with.
But there is so much to discover!
Something that is colourful, full of surprises and rich of adventure!

It’s called nature.

And I have never experienced it, I have never observed it, as I am doing it right now.
And what I learn, is that there is so much to learn!

In these days there is the „Superluna“ that you can observe in the sky.
It’s an amazing picture to see the full moon at its‘ closest point to earth, which will happen again only in 15 years.


It’s fascinating 

  • to observe this moon – which is as close, bright and clear as never,

  • to realize that the moon is now exactly on the same line in the universe with the earth and the sun

  • to realize that the moon has the most powerful force of gravity/attraction to earth in these days

  • to realize that the moon and the sun – that nature – always dominated the life of human beings.
Supermoon - Marburg, 07/04/20 20:45h

It dominated religions. 
It dominated christianity. 
It dominates our todays‘ life without us being aware of it. 
It dominates the Easter holidays we are celebrating in these days.

Easter holidays are not like Christmas holidays on a fixed date in the year. 
Easter holidays are every year on a different date. 
We are celebrating it every year on the Sunday which comes after the first full moon in spring time. 
Isn’t this interesting?

·       This year the first full moon in spring time as was on Tuesday at 4.20h in the morning (we went to observe it outside J at its‘ closest and brightest point)

·         This year there is a „Supermoon“  

·         This year all flowers, medical herbs and plants are growing and blooming earlier than in the past

This year is very special

for all of us  – with never experienced social and health conditions
for nature    – with rare climatic and astrological conditions
for myself    – with never experienced open mindness towards the amazing things that are happening outside

In these specials conditions I am sending you my Easter greetings. On this special way. 

With the special wish for you to enjoy our special nature.

Let the „Supermoon“ help all of us to turn this year into a „Superyear“ !

Let Corona be a chance for us to enjoy and appreciate nature ! 

Happy Easter. 
Happy spring. 

Yours , 

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