Protecting the cells of our body

This is really fascinating!!!

Did you know that there is a very simple thing to stop a virus?


Alcohol ! 

If it contains minimum 80%.


This is communicated by the World Health Organisation.

Obviously this is not to drink but to be used on our hands and on everything we touch.

And this simple alcohol has an even bigger effect of protection if we mix it together with other ingredients:


Glycerin (98%) = 15ml
Hydrogen peroxide / Wasserstoffperoxid (98%) = 42ml
Cold boiled Water = 110ml

mixed into the Alcohol:  Ethanol (96%)    = 833ml

The result is a certified desinfectant, respecting the regulations of the European Union.

This is what I learned during my studies at the OnlineUniversity of VillaNatura.

Here is the official document of the World Health Organisation which proofs that this is really true:

We can easily make this desinfectant at home by our own and buy the ingredients in our local farmacy (if available! J).

And there is a way to make this certified formulation even more powerful!

With the fragrance of the plants! 


A lot of plants protect themselves against different kinds of virus and bacteria with their own fragrance (think of the smell of thyme / Thymian or oregano for example). When this fragrance is extracted from the plants we can use it for ourselves and it will protect us against any kind of virus or bacteria exactly as it does for the plant itself.
For our human bodies we can use this in the 
form of essential oils / Ätherische Öle.

This is really an amazing gift from nature!

   So just add

 25 drops of Thyme Essential Oil
 25 drops of Oregano Essential Oil 

into your desinfectant.


From my friend Svenja who is Aromatherapist, I learned that essential oils are absorbed within 25 minutes from each cell of our body. 

So this is an additional, very natural method, to keep away any kind of virus from every cell of our body.

Isn’t his amazing???


Personally I am not using a lot of desinfactant spray and I did not tried out yet the formulation but I think it’s amazing with how many simple tricks we can protect our body.

There is so much we can do for our health!
Let’s appreciate and use the power of the plants!

P.S. there is a lot of new research on the healing and protecting impact of the plants‘ fragrance onto our body (aromatherapy). If you are interested I will investigate further and publish some facts here on this blog. 

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