….this is probably the sentence I heard most as a reaction to my decision.
Or at least, this is what I meant to read in people’s eyes when I communicated that I will resign without having a new job.

What people said to me was

„I admire you for the courage“ or
„you are doing the right thing“

but what they probably thought was:

„how the hell will she survive??“

And honestly, how the hell will I survive?
I do not know. The only thing I know is that I will take a risk.

The risk of not earning any money anymore.
The risk of being without a job.
The risk of not having a daily routine anymore.
The risk of not being able to pay all the monthly expenses.
The risk of not being able to keep my standard of living. 

It might sound strange but it is exactly this risk that is pushing me to go forward with my decision.

It is generating a big motivation inside of myself to take it and to experience what will happen. Exactly because I do not know. Exactly because this is challenging to me.

As I learned to be a person (or maybe it is my genes…?!) who is looking forward to everything that is new, that is different, that implies a change, that is challenging  – this decision seems to be perfectly in line with my personality (people also call it naive or starry-eyed 🙂 )


This is why I decided to change.

Change after 10 years.
Change after having incorporated the daily way from my home to the office and back.

What I always knew (even with the high appreciation that I had towards my job and the company I worked for) was that I could not imagine to do this same way -back and forth- every day to the same place until the age of 67 – the age when I would retire (which in reality might be even later….).

And personally I think that in life

I need to set chapters.

As nobody else will do it for me.

When we grow up, we learn that life is structured in chapters.

  • You go to the kindergarten. And you know there is an end.
  • You continue with primary school. And you know there is an end.
  • You continue with high school. And you know there is an end.  And you will then need to find your own way.
  • It usually continues with university. And also here, there is an end. And also here, you know, you will then need to find your own way.
  • Then…

…….You start your job. And the end is with 67.
(If you are lucky and you are working in a prosperous company assuring a job-for-life).

Until the age of 67 nobody will set the end of this chapter for you.
Unless it is you!
(…or the company, if you are not lucky and it is not a prosperous one).

This is why I decided to close one chapter in my life.

Being grateful

for everything that I learned during the passed 10 years.
Being grateful that I had the chance to work for a prosperous company.
A good one, with values.
A family owned company.
A company with success.

This teached me a lot – and for sure, the way how the company is run and the people who formed it, took part in the development of my life and maybe even of my personality – or at least of my mentality.

Looking back,

I feel deep appreciation for what I learned,
the people I met (some of them became friends)
and for being part of a value-based organisation.

Now, I am looking forward

to close this chapter, and to open a new one in my life.

The date as of


will enter as a historical date into my life.

On this date, exactly 10 years before (on 22.02.2010) I started my journey with Ferrero.
And on exactly this date, I will end it.

I will end it, to exchange it for something new, different, challenging.
And I am so much looking forward to it.

To all the people I met,

to all the colleagues that shared with me every day of the past 10 years,
to the bosses that guided my way,
to all the people I had the chance to interact with (internal and external),

I would like to give

my deep thanks.

I am grateful for the experiences that we shared together.



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