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My colleague and his families‘ olive oil production – the greenest and most intense olive oil I have ever tasted!!

One week ago I had the great pleasure to visit Angelo and his family in Sicily ! 
It was my intention to go personally and see with my own eyes where exactly the olive oil is coming from, 
who we are supporting when we buy this oil
and especially – 
how the olive trees are treated !

It really was an amazing journey to feel the love and passion from Angelo’s father towards his trees. 
These trees are the heritage from his own father (whose name was Angelo!), 
this is why he has a special connection with them
and this is why he is treating every plant with an attention as if it was his own child. 
More than 2.000  – this is the number of „children“ he is taking care of. 
Every day in the year. 
From the early morning at 7am until the late afternoon. 
And sometimes – as now in the harvest time – even until the late evening….
until all olives have been transformed into this incredible intense and tasty olive oil….. 

When we will use this olive oil – every day – on our dishes, we can thank Angelo’s father.

– For the hard work he is doing. Every day. Outside.
– And for the love he is dedicating towards the plants.
– And for the job he is giving to 3 Tunisian workers who can feed their families in their country.

This is what we are supporting when we buy this oil. 
Now, after this experience, I know. 

visit his website:

During my stay in Partanna we attended a course of the

„Olive Oil Sommelier School“

where we tasted different olive oils from the region (all of the same type of olive) .

Also Angelo’s olive oil was part of it! 
It’s the darkest and greenest one you can see in this video (for my personal taste it was also the most delicious one 🙂 ):

Angelo and his family are happy to make this olive oil for you !!!!!!!!! 

Partanna, Sizilien, Oktober-November 2020. 

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