In the past…



If we talk to our grandparents, or to people from an older generation, we understand, that food was treated differently in the past.

We understand, that the older generation cultivated their food mainly by themselves. 
And they dedicated high appreciation to what they consumed.

Times were different. 
Food was limited, agriculture was hard work with little income. 

It was targeted to few consumers.
It was always depending on the seasons and on the goodwill of nature.

Today food seems to be unlimited, always and endlessly available. 

Agriculture is about technology and about studying the highest efficency of plants. 

It is about feeding everyone, targeted to the whole world.
It is about making money, about chemicals, about technical innovation. 

It allows to get independent from seasons and it can imitate nature artificially.

food was

genuine (organic),

food is

global mass production,
chemically treated,
industrially processed,
without taste. 


This is what older people tell us. 


This is what we experience. 

The food that we consume today can make us sick.
And it can destroy nature. Our planet. 
At least this is the case with a lot of products we can find in the common supermarkets in our town.

However the small local agricultural producers, who keep growing plants as our grandparents did
– in an organic way –
they still exist.

Often they are difficult to find because they are not promoting themselves
and because they are not interested in commercializing their own grown food or to make the big money with what they do. 
They might not have any typical official label such as „BIO“/“ORGANIC“/“DEMETER“ because they do not have the financial power
and might not respect in detail any particular standard requirement to permit themselves this certification.

However they are producing organic. 
Because of their passion. 
And because of their love to nature. 

These producers are worth to get recognized !

They are the ones we can support

So they & we
can contribute to a biodiverse, sustainable nature.
And to our Health. 

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