Every day again I discover that I do not know anything about the food that I find in my fridge, that I bought in the supermarket, and that I consume.

I do not know how it was produced, how it was treated, where and how it was cultivated and who took part in the long chain to get it to my table.

It is important for me to know this because

  • I experienced how food changed my life/health (overcoming a chronical disease)
  • I think that with the choice of our food we directly contribute to protect or destroy nature (our planet)


Isn’t it true that…

….at the end everything that we consume is based on nature.

And in our todays way of living…

….we lost the relationship to nature.
….we lost the relationship to the food we eat.
….we lost appreciation to whom and how the food was produced for us.


It is my personal mission to

the relationship & appreciation
towards what we consume every day. 

So we can all live in a more healthy and sustainable world.

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