Starting from 

01° March 2020

my new experience begins. 

I declared this year 2020 to be an

„ecological year
for inspiration and personal development“

and I declared it to be 

„the year 2020 of reduction“.

During this year, I would like to dedicate my time to:

  1. Things that are important to my family and me.  

  2. Topics I am passionate about.

What I am passionate about is everything around these 5 topics:

                    • Medical plants
                    • Biology of plants
                    • Health
                    • Ecology
                    • Agriculture

And who knows if n°2 might influence n° 1 somehow in future?
While I will study these topics, I will probably find out 🙂

During this year of experimentation I need to survive somehow. Being without a job, without earning money, I decided to L I M I T  myself in everything that is possible to limit.

This includes:

  • car

    I will sell my car and will go by bike.

    I bought a 1-year-50%-off train ticket. 

  • restaurants

    I will need to cook at home – for myself and for friends.

  • clothes

    I will buy second-hand, if anything is really, really necessary

  • medical costs

    I will need to try to adopt the most healthy lifestyle ever to make this happen and to avoid any medical expenses…   🙂

  • home investments

any kind of investments as equipment, furniture, decoration, etc. into our appartment should stop with the 1°of March.

  • vacation

no vacation will be planned for this year 2020.

  • gym

    I will search for somebody to take over my gym contract. 

    I will do sports outside instead. 

  • gifts

    I will rather think of people or can do home-made gifts 🙂

  • visit friends by car

    friends are invited to come to my house.

  • comsumption of expensive food like fish/meat/exotic food

    I will rent a small piece of land and harvest by my own. 
    And I will try to consume local and seasonal food avoiding the supermarket as much as I can. 

All of this, 

leads to the experiment to reduce everything of what I usually consumed and of what my daily way-of-living used to be like.



This requires

a big change

and as this effects also the people around me (no restaurants, no visits by car, no expensive presents for birthday parties) I would like to invite all of my friends, family and people who would like to stay in touch, to share or remember my self-declared principles. 
This will be a big help for me to realise them.



T H A N K S 
 in advance for your patience with me in this year 2020 while I am „going crazy“.      🙂

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